Getting Closer to People and Markets

Business Initiation and Development

You have a new product and would like to present it personally to potential customers at home or abroad. We will make contact with the customer and initiate a dialogue or arrange a presentation. Depending on your requirements, we will also research appropriate contacts.

You would like to penetrate a new sector with your products and services, thereby expanding your customer base both at home and abroad. We will review your list of potential contacts or produce a full business-development list prior to making contact in writing or by telephone.

You have a comprehensive list of contacts worldwide and would like to win over decision makers to a particular service or sales campaign by making personal contact. The time demands on management and employees are significant. We will complement your sales and marketing department resources and take charge of this sensitive task.

You would like to tap a new market. We will identify potential customers, potential partner companies, distributors, opinion makers or media and present these to your decision makers. Following a successful pre-selection process we will contact companies direct and test the waters with a view to collaboration. You will not need to allocate any more of your own resources until after this process has been completed, whereupon you can seize the respective business opportunities.

Maintaining Customer Relations

You would like to adapt to constantly changing customer requirements and receive ongoing feedback from them - because your customers are not only a source of revenue, but are also long-term champions of your products and services. We will communicate extensively with your customers and help you enhance your customer support. No matter where they may be.

Depending on the country or culture, customer expectations can vary a great deal and can only be met if these are identified. We will identify the needs of your customers both at home and abroad by talking to them on the telephone. This will give you the opportunity to optimise processes on an ongoing basis.

You invest in the loyalty of your customers. You have a customer club or would like to set one up to create added value for your customers. We can inform customers of support services or bonus/loyalty schemes.

You see comprehensive customer care as a crucial factor in times of competition with price-aggressive rivals. However, making telephone contact with several hundreds or thousands of customers often requires too much time. We will complement your sales or marketing department and take on the task of speaking to your customers on a one-to-one basis.